Daily Archives: December 3, 2010

Instead of Soap, I Give you Kale

I was going to write about soap today. Not necessarily give a tutorial, but tell you my experiences with it after making 3 different batches. But you know, this week has been a rough parenting week. Nothing in particular happened, just the adjustment of figuring out how to function with our growing family. I don’t think that’s talked about enough in blog land…how tricky parenting can be. I think most people write about the successes, which is just fine, but dang, it can be hard sometimes!

Most of the lotions and potions I make have very few ingredients and take 5 minutes or less to make for a reason. I don’t have too much time to fuss over things, I like them to be simple. Soap making isn’t simple and isn’t kid friendly so it feels only appropriate that on a week like this, that I skip the soap making talk. We’ll save that maybe for the new year. Instead here is a picture of kale in our garden. This was on Tuesday morning, a very cold morning. This morning it’s covered in rain drops.

Have a good weekend!


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