Hand Lotion Ingredient Giveaway – 2 Winners ~ Closed

How to Make Hand Lotion
Today I’m excited to bring you a great giveaway by Mountain Rose Herbs in celebration of my fourth year blogging. Two lucky readers will win all three ingredients to make their own hand lotion: olive oil, emulsifying wax and lavender essential oil. This is a great opportunity to give lotion making a try if you’ve been curious about it. Three and a half years later this is still my favorite lotion to make and use. It’s consistency is creamy smooth and it’s so incredibly easy and economical to make that there really is no need to buy lotion ever again.

Mountain Rose Herbs is a company that I’m proud to promote. If you can believe it, I first heard about them by winning a nettle themed giveaway from a blog four years ago. Scott and I have been regular customers ever since. We always relish receiving their catalogs in the mail and circle and dog ear it up with all our culinary and cosmetic desires. Not only do they carry fine products but they are based out of Eugene, Oregon where I used to go to college, so I feel a special kinship with them.
How to Make Hand Lotion
More about them: Since 1987, Mountain Rose Herbs has been known for its uncompromising commitment to organic agriculture, sustainable business practices, and a steadfast focus on the pure aesthetics and freshness of botanical products. Their wide range of certified organic product offerings includes bulk herbs and spices, aromatherapy and essential oils, tea and tea supplies, and natural health and body care. Every aspect of product creation is carried out in accordance with strict quality control and organic handling procedures by employees who care. From fragrant and beyond-fresh organic herbs and spices, to soothing essential oils and delicious herbal teas, the quality and integrity of Mountain Rose Herbs is unparalleled – with smiles guaranteed.
How to Make Hand Lotion
To win, leave a comment noting which homemade cosmetic you’d be most interested in learning how to make. (Contest closed) Please note that Mountain Rose Herbs can only ship to winners within the United States. I’ll close comments at midnight pacific time on Thursday, March 15th and draw two winners at random on Friday.

Good luck to all of you!


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211 responses to “Hand Lotion Ingredient Giveaway – 2 Winners ~ Closed

  1. Kacee

    That would be great to win this. Thank you!

  2. Jayme Lynn Tate

    I just learned how to make the beeswax lotion, so I would love to learn how to make this lotion! I have extremely dry skin, but I can’t stand to put all the store-bought chemicals on myself. I would also love to learn how to make some sort of natural lip gloss. I really miss gloss.

  3. Jean F. Hall

    I would be most interested in making a body butter.

  4. Well, actually I’ve been dying to try your lotion recipe! I already make my own coconut- and essential-oil seasalt body scrub, but haven’t tried lotion yet. *crosses fingers*

  5. Jackie

    I have wanted to try lotion, but haven’t purchase the emulsified was yet. This would be an awesome win to be able to make lotion. My daughter has done it, my daughter in law has, but now I want to.

  6. Patricia Hall

    I have tried making my own deoderant in the past- but could not perfect the recipe. I would love to try a new, better recipe!

  7. Cathy robak

    I would love to learn to make the lotions. My daughter has horrible eczema and I have made my own detergent, fabric softener, etc. and this would be another great thing for her skin.

  8. I love making homemade herbal concoctions. I make a different type of lotion for my daughter, which is perfect for her but too greasy for me. So i’d love to make this lotion for myself.

  9. Debbie S.

    I would love to learn to make this lotion. I make hard lotion and body butter but sometimes it would be nice to have the soft lotion. Thanks so much for offering this great giveaway. What we put on our body is as important as what we put in our body.

  10. Ida Haxton

    I would love to start making my own lotion! I’ve never been brave enough to give it a try. You make it sound so simple.

  11. Jo

    I would love to try your lotion. I have tried to make a cream before,but not lotion. The thing I would love to make right now is some sort of muscle pain or sprain reliever!

  12. I’m interested in learning how to make a number of beauty projects at home, and I’d especially love to learn how to make hand lotion. It would be nice to have it available when I have house guests, and it would be a nice gift for Christmas or birthdays.

  13. Trisha

    I love your blog! Happy Anniversary! I love to make homemade body products. I have made sugar scrubs, and love to use lavender essential oil. I would really like to make your lotion/cream for excema, as my young grand daughter has trouble with that. I’d love to win this, of course, and learn to make this lotion for myself, too, Thanks for the chance to win the ingredients!

  14. Jessica Rodriguez

    I, like you, am an urban homesteader who is trying to meet as many of my own needs as necessary, while honoring the Earth. I have not used shampoo in over a year, partly due to your blog with the soda/vinegar solutions. I have been wanting to make hand lotion for a while now, though I have not yet. My newest quest is to make good tasting toothpaste (though I don’t know if that qualifies as cosmetics). Lip salve would be fun, too.

  15. Marcie

    I’d love to learn how to make your lotion; winning this set would be great!

  16. Since I’ve already stopped using shampoo, made your deodorant, beeswax lotion, and chapstick, I’m hooked on making my own products! I even said I would be making your hand cream next in a blog post last Monday!
    See?? http://hcplrr.blogspot.com/2012/03/product-placement.html

    I would loooove to learn how to make castile soap.

  17. I would love to learn how to make lotion or body butter!

  18. Anne G.

    I’d really love to try the lotion. Thanks for this opportunity!

  19. Julie Zilkie

    I am interested in learning how to make the lotion you mentioned!!Thanks for doing this!

  20. Mimi

    Happy Anniversary! I love your blog and utilize a lot of your information. I have three beautiful and awesome granddaughters that I adore. Out of concern for them and my own interest in learning to live without chemicals, I made your lotion and lip balm. We actually made the lip balms during a “girls club” sleepover. They all went crazy for them. I would love to learn to make more homemade and chemical free products such as your eczema fighting lotion. I too, love Mountain Rose Herbs!

  21. Kristen

    Happy Anniversary! I didn’t know that you were an Oregon girl, I am too! Southern Oregon State for me. We’ve made your lotion and love it! I’m really interested in making my own lip balm next and I think the idea of the deodorant is facinating, I’d like to try that next. Winning this set would be nice, lavender is my favorite scent.

  22. Lavender is my favorite for EVERYTHING! And I’m a homemade kick – dishwasher detergent, fabric softener, laundry soap, hand soap…. I have your lotion and chapstick recipes on hand for when I run out and can’t wait to use them! Winning this would be AMAZING!

  23. I have already made the beeswax lotion and deodorant. Next on my list is the lip balm.

  24. Brenda

    Would like to learn how to make any lotion or body care product that would help soothe the savage itching I endure daily.

  25. I would love to learn how to make lotion. My skin is so dry most of the time.

  26. ABtfldisaster

    Oh but there’s so many things I would like to try! Deodorant, lotion, chapstick – but if I have to choose, it really would be the lotion. We go through so much of it in our house, it truly would make it easier if I would try my hand at making it – well, as long I succeeded!! HA! Winning would be just fabulous!

  27. Nancy Michel

    I love lavender and Melissa Balm, bith my favorites. I would be interested in learning how to make both a lip balm and body butter, which is thicker than a lotion. Thanks for all of the great “recipes” for making your own personal care products. They are so much better than store bought with all the “un-pronouncable” ingredients in them.

  28. Kristen Willis

    Love this post! I would use the ingredients to make some hand and foot lotion!

  29. Hi! I would love to learn how to make a pumpable body lotion for everyday use that is non-greasy.
    THanks for the opportunity!

  30. Harriet Mosher

    Made your beeswax lotion which I love and would like to learn to make another handmade lotion with lavender scent.

  31. tameka

    This morning in the shower, I was thinking about your lotion recipe and buying the wax from Mountain Rose. So on that note, I would love to learn how to make (1) lotion that seeps into my skin and that doesn’t sit on the surface, and (2) soap. If soap isn’t considered a cosmetic, then (3) lip balm/chapstick that really moisturizes my lips. Thanks for this offer!

  32. A. States

    I have super sensitive skin and my daughter has inherited it also. I just started making my own soap and have been researching making our own lotions and potions, as I call it. Lotion will be my next experiment. Thanks for the offer!

  33. Kelly

    I’d really like to learn how to make a facial scrub (w/ fine “grit”). I’m slowly replacing many products I use to buy with homemade replacements. I like knowing exactly what’s in it. Love your blog. Thanks for all the great ideas!!
    -Kelly (in Vallejo)

  34. I love this lotion!! I get great comments from the friends and family I have given it to over the last three months. I’ve also tried the excema cream from this site, which took a little finessing but I finally got it to where I liked it. In addition, I have started on a fun hand scrub that I found in Key West using sea salt, cane sugar and grapeseed oil. HEAVENLY!

  35. I converted the hand lotion recipe to become a eczema cream and I am out of it for me and my son! I keep meaning to purchase some more emlsufying wax but now maybe I will win it! Congrats on 4 years of blogging!

  36. I would love to learn to make the lotion for excema. My son has some on his hands and the medicine seems pretty harsh. I would love to try your recipe.

  37. Colette

    I happened upon your wonderful blog several weeks ago, after making soap for the first time, (with ingredients from Mountain Rose). Since then, I also made lip balm with my grandchildren. Body Lotion was next on my list to make, so it would awesome to win the ingredients. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge with those of us newer to the homesteading life!

  38. Marina kokkinias

    I love your blog!! We have alot of skin issues in my family and i dont trust nor use over the counter garbage that is unsafe

    I would love to try your homemade ones to try them on my family!

  39. Kristy

    Hi! I love your blog! I am new at this, but am experimenting with making creamy shower gel (so it’s not so drying). I’d love to see what you had come up with! And I would love to try making this lotion! Thanks for the opportunity! Keep blogging!!

  40. I was born in Eugene!!

    I really want to learn how to make body wash… My husband and I both have combination skin and we can never seem to find something that works with our combo skin AND doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin.

    Thanks for the giveaway, and congrats!

  41. AlotOMaterial

    I would love to know how to make goats milk soap lotion as well as liquid shampoo. Haven’t learned enough about preservative options yet. Love your blog!

  42. Sue

    Am so interested in making our own hand lotion . We live on a large farm, so needless to say, we do get really dried and beatened up hands…Would love to ‘pamper ‘ ourselves in better hands,,,also, want to learn how to make Lip balm, as my husband uses sooo much of it, but is never satisfied with the “store bought” kind..
    Thank you for being so generous….

  43. Colleen Hine

    I would love to learn how to make a shower gel. I have made your excema cream and have tweaked it so its perfect for me. I have recieved numerous compliments on your recipe. Keep up the good work.

  44. Brenda

    I use a lavender lotion that I bought when we were in California in 2008. I got it from the Healdsburg Soap Co. I use it before bed because I am an insomniac and the lavender helps. I was dreading running out because it’s a long walk from Minnesota! To do it from home would be divine! Thanks!

  45. Love your newsletter! Hoping to see an anti aging cream to help with all the lovely experience lines (read wrinkles) I’ve managed to accumulate over the years! Keep up the good work : }

  46. Your blog is so great!!!! Thank you for all the wonderful information you share with us.
    I make my own “cheater” lotion but would love to try your recipe. I also want to make some healing salves and the lip gloss. Frani

  47. I would LOVE to learn how to make facial cream. After reading your blogs about homemade lotion and hand lotion and salve and lip balm which I have tried them all, I was thinking about making facial moisturizer. And I would LOVE to learn to make one for dry skin. In El Paso where I am, the wind is so severe with sands during spring time, I get to use extra moisturizers especially on face but I found that some actually makes my skin bit weak and greasy and at times, it gives me a pimples. If I can make one using natural ingredients that I know what it is and where it is from, I would feel much better of using them and I can also learn to control them to make it fit better for my skin.

  48. Tari

    The lotion for me! I can only imagine it’s aroma.

  49. Ginger

    I want to make it all! =) However, a good moisturizing cream and lip balm are at the top of my list.

    Fantastic blog, by the way. I just recently found it.

  50. Kelly

    I recently stumbled upon this blog and I love it! I have recently jumped on make your own laundry detergent. I then, began searching for other make your own recipes, but, quickly realized that most of those recipes included by products of petroleum or other chemical laden products. I wanted recipes that were based on all natural products. I guess maybe I’m going “granola”… that’s what my kids call living a natural, healthy lifestyle. There are several recipes I would like to try. First, would be the hand lotion. Next, would be the homemade deodorant. The next would be the homemade chapstick. Uuuum, the eczema cream wouldn’t be too bad either. I could just go on & on… can’t you tell? :~)

  51. I would love to learn how to make body butter and lip balm.

  52. Terez

    I made the deodorant and I am thrilled with it. It works better than any deodorant I have tryed, and it’s a lot less exensive. I would love to learn how to make a thick creamy body lotion. Thanks for all the great homemade products!

  53. Cathy Hostetler

    I am another one that is just about ready to try to make your lotion. You make it look so easy!!!!

  54. Betty

    How serendipitous! I was just looking at Mountain Rose Herbs’ website yesterday, dreaming about buying the French green clay for a facial mask I want to try. I’ve also always wanted to make my own chapstick and lotion. I’d love to win! Thanks for the great blog!

  55. I’ve been meaning to try your lotion recipe for my daughters dry hands. I have all the stuff I should just do it!

  56. Kara

    I want to learn how to make a face lotion…one that moisturizes while not breaking your skin out. And if it could help with aging, well, that would be fantastic!

  57. I am so hopeful I win this. I’d love to make lip balm, aka chapstick. 🙂

  58. I would love to learn to make lotion, and homemade deodarant.

  59. Cool! Face and body lotion so intimidating to make. I would love to learn how to do this since I have sensitive skin. It would be so gratifying as well to make your own homemade lotion!!!

  60. Katie M

    I’ve been making your beeswax lotion, but I haven’t made this lotion yet because I haven’t gotten around to ordering the emulsifying wax. I love making natural skincare products, they are so much better then the chemical-filled store bought stuff.

  61. I already make my own lotion, but would love to try this recipe! I also make my own deodorant, tooth soap, body wash, shampoo, and laundry soap. I haven’t attempted chapstick yet, so I guess that’s next!

  62. Wisteria (Rita) Johnson

    I make the lotion regularly and won’t use anything else. Now I’m using it for thoughtful little gifts for the people I can’t *buy* the right thing for!

    I’d love to make my own shampoo. I’m tired of having to decide among 214 varieties, none of which is what I really want.

  63. Frances

    I’ve wanted to try making body butter or lotion. And lip balm too!!

  64. Michelle Williams

    I would love to learn how to make the homemade hand lotion!

  65. I am interested in making homemade lotion!!! I made a homemade liquid bath soap that my husband and I both love, it has shea butter in it and it is so moisturizing! I am slowing greening every area of my house and body 🙂

  66. Stephanie

    I have been making your lotion recipe for over a year now, and it’s the only lotion I use! I would love to learn to make soap next.

  67. Renee

    I would love to make a day/night face cream. I am tired of paying so much and getting so little for natural ingredient products. I have your beeswax lotion recipe printed out and am hoping it will be good on my face as well. I have yet to make it though- I am such a procrastinator! Thank-you for your recipes and blog!!

  68. Miaja

    Ohhhh. I’d love to make them all, but how about some kind of face toner and/or face cream. I absolutely love homemade lip balms, although I always buy them and have never made my own!

  69. i am such a novice at making my own things. i have started making laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent and my cleaning solutions. i can’t wait to try the hand lotions. i make all my Christmas gifts and this will be perfect to include in a knitted article that i make. thanks so much for your help and labels to add to my creations!

  70. Lyssa

    I would love to make beeswax lotion or lipgloss.

  71. Stella

    I’d love to try to make deodorant! 🙂 I’ve tried your beeswax lotion, I need to try the other one now!

  72. HC

    I would love to learn how to make this lotion! I’ve always had dry skin all my life. Learning how to make a creamy body wash and moisturizing face cream is also on top of my list 🙂

  73. Laura

    I love both of your lotions, and I’ve like to try the lip balm, but haven’t stocked up on the supplies yet, so I guess that would be on my wish list! Happy 4th Anniversary!

  74. Heather

    I just ordered these things from them! I saw your post on lotions and subscribed and ordered! ( just supporting the economy!)
    I would love to learn how to do the whipped shea butter!

  75. Ashley Voisine

    That is awesome that you will be giving this away! I hope I win. With my son and my super sensitive skin, I am always looking for the right lotion. Happy Anniversary and can not wait to see the winners! Good luck to everyone!!

  76. Valerie

    Congrats on all of your achievements so far! I’d love to learn how to make a lotion that didn’t leave a greasy feeling. Maybe I’m picky, but it seems hard to come by! I’d also really like to learn how to make lip balm and cold pressed soaps.

  77. Sharon

    I would love to learn to make lotions, especially one that nourishes my son’s dry skin. Thank you for the opportunity. Love your photos.

  78. mgizzim

    Hi !
    I enjoy your blog ! I would love to win the emulsifying wax. It’s not easy to find. I prefer lotion to the solid or bar type. I sew a lot and having a lotion in a pump container near my sewing machine helps moisturize my hands making it easier to work.

  79. I’ve been having trouble finding a commercial lotion I like- they all seem to have chemicals and fillers in them, and they smell so. . . icky. I would love to start making my own- particularly your recipe! It is so simple, and I love using Lavender essential oils in my laundry soap, so this would be great!

  80. Sandra

    I would love to win this and make my own lotion. i have been toying with the idea for some time now but have not been able to take the big step. thanks for the giveaway!

  81. Robbin

    I am dying to try the eczema lotion! I’ve tried tons of OTC stuff that was greasy and smelled like all the chemicals they contained. The thought of trying something with words I can pronounce and get relief sounds great. And if it works I’m gonna lather my 2 little girls in it too!!

  82. This sounds great! I’d love to try making the all natural deodorant.

  83. Kristi F

    I’m wanting to learn how to make soap, but lotion would be great too! Especially as my ever-expanding pregnant belly stays itchy all the time!

  84. I too want to learn how to make soap, I’ve made lip balm and would love to make this lotion!

  85. Susan

    I would make your Eczema Fighting lotion recipe on your site. I have had eczema for 42 years and would love to get away from using prescription medications to treat it. Thanks for the recipe!

  86. Joyce E Harms

    I would love to make this lavender lotion since my skin is very dry. I also would like to try the excema cream to help moisturize my legs and arms. I love your blog.

  87. lavender body lotion!!

  88. I’m most excited to make chapstick, Though, hand lotion is up there too. Thanks for the giveaway!

  89. Laura

    I would really like to try making the lotion. I want to make some lotion for baby use for my grandaughter.

  90. Melissa Horton

    Your blog makes my day! I am a nurse and need a good hand lotion.
    I am aging and need a facial mask as my skin is a combination of oily and dry. Lip balm sounds great as I do not like lipsticks. Thank you! Melissa

  91. I have been wanting to make your eczema fighting cream for quite some time, as my son suffers from eczema year-round. I would love to make this hand lotion as well. 🙂

  92. Jennifer

    i would love to figure how to make a good body butter or lotion. All the ones I’ve made have been a little too greasy for me. Thanks!

  93. Robin

    I would love to make lotion. I’ve been experimenting with non-toxic cleaners and laundry soap lately….so now it’s time to branch out!

  94. I’d love to learn to make hard lotion bars. 🙂

  95. Kathy Clark

    I would love to learn how to make liquid shampoo and conditioner.

  96. Laci

    I love this site. I just made your recipe for homeade beeswax lotion. This recipe for lotion is next on my list to try but I didn’t have any emulsifying wax. I would love to infuse the water with something. Maybe green tea.

  97. What a great giveaway! I’ve tried making lotion before but the attempt was unsuccessful. I’d love to try again. Thanks so much for a chance. Have a great day!

  98. alanna

    I already make deodorant, moisturizer, lip balm, and I just tried my hand at soap. The problem is that I haven’t been happy with any of my results. I’ve made 5 different recipes for lotion and was disappointed with them all. They’re either too greasy or not thick enough or my skin feels dry a half hour later or just don’t have the feel I’m looking for. With my really dry skin, I want to find the perfect hand and body lotion, as well as, something lighter for me face.

  99. Amy

    I would love to make this lotion!

  100. I love, love, love your blog. I’ve been following for some time now – hubby and I are currently working on making our 1/2 acre property a sustainable sanctuary (orchard, garden, etc.). Our project (and my blog) have stalled out temporarily – due to illness, but will be getting back on track soon.

    Homemade lipstick would be awesome – also body powder that won’t clump up. 🙂

  101. Darby Lohrding

    I am most interested in learning how to make a really good hydrating moisturizing night cream for my face! Plus I’ve always wanted to make your lotion so winning your giveaway would be a great treat!!!! Happy Happy Blogaversery!!!

  102. Carly

    I have looked over your lotion recipe more than once and wanted to make it, but felt a little overwhelmed by the supplies I would have to buy [every project of mine seems to have a different shopping list]. I would love to win this giveaway and be able to give it a go. Another potion I have wanted to try is making my own deodorant as well. For now I buy on Etsy from SoapWalla.

  103. I have just started making my own products. It’s fun to do and cost effective. I have been wanting to make hand lotion. My hands are so dry they crack and bleed so I go through alot of hand lotion. Hopefully I will be trying to make my own.

  104. lisa mcmurray

    im new to this and not new to herbs i love this site ive gotten more info from how to incorprate herbs i have psoriasis and its almost gone im formulating new products thanks to you and mountain rose herbs

  105. May

    Amazing. I just saw a lotion recipe on Pinterest and thought to myself how much I had wanted to make lotion ever since I saw it here. Instead of clicking on it on Pinterest I returned here. And just look at what you are up to today!
    So…..yes, lotion is the item I most want to make!
    Happy anniversary with the blog and thanks for hosting.

  106. Emily

    I’d love to learn to make my own lotions and deodorants too 🙂 And soaps! I love handmade soaps!

  107. Nancy J

    I create massage oils but would love to expand into body butters/creams and all sorts of wonderful smelling lotions.

  108. Sheila

    Happy 4-year blog anniversary!

    I’ve checked out your lotion instructions loads many times but have been afraid to take the plunge and make it. Winning the ingredients would make it irresitable! I’d also like to try to make my own body wash and hair conditioner. It would be great to live in a world without all of the mystery ingredients.

  109. Kitterlee

    What a nice giveaway! I’m a big fan of making my own lotion – all thanks to you. 🙂 I’d love to learn to make soap… the thought makes me a bit nervous, yet I’d love to do it!
    Thank you!

  110. Darcie

    I have been making all my own cleaning products for over a year now, and I’m now just starting to play with personal products. I’ve been very apprehensive to purchase the ingredients for the lotions…soaps too. I love making safe products.

  111. I learned how to make cold process soap about six months ago and I can’t believe I waited so long to learn. I’m very interested in learning how to make lotion next, which is how I happened to find your blog. I’ve tried lotion bars, but they just aren’t the same.

  112. Sounds fabulous. I would love to win some lotion!

  113. Crystal

    I would like to find a good recipe for conditioner. I use a plain castile soap for shampoo and I need some detangling action! I have been experimenting and so far I can only come up with a pre-shampoo conditioner.

  114. Brooke Bakker

    I would like to learn how to make moisturizing hand soap or lotion. Thanks

  115. I’m eager to try the lip balm.

  116. lynn

    i’d love to learn how to make soap, but I’m a little intimidated.

  117. Right now I just use olive oil, but, I would love to learn how to make this lotion!

  118. Carey

    I’ve made many of the basic body care items, but never lotion! I’d love to try. I discovered your site just a month ago and I’ve so enjoyed reading back over your previous posts. I live in the east bay and love all the local tips and references. Thank you for sharing with us!

  119. Joanne Jacobs

    I would love to learn to make lip balm, I already tried your lotion…I already make our soap, laundry soap, fabric softener, dish washing liquid and grow our herbs.

    • Jessica Rodriguez

      Hi Joanne,

      I’d love it if you would share some of your recipes with me! I am working through a bulk container of laundry detergent that I got 4 years ago (it’s “natural” and the one sold at our co-op but not ideal). I would like make my own soaps and cleaning products.



  120. I am currently (as in, today) working on/thinking about how to make my favorite scrub and lotion without all of the nasty chemicals! This post is perfectly timed, I’d love to get a head-start.

  121. Lucinda

    Wow great! I made my first batch of lotion last fall – love it! Would like to give up my face moisturizer next with a homemade all natural one!

  122. casey grey

    i have been following your blog for several months nowi started making a product based on your recipes and bought items from mountain rose i am now selling body butters lip conditioners and cuticule creams and am always inspired by your info i have not made any lotions yet but i want to make something with lavender and some citrus scent

  123. This giveaway is so generous, thanks so much!

    I would love to make mascara. I use it everyday without fail and I am actually allergic to most kinds, so I would love to make a natural one, give that I am spreading it over my eyes!

  124. I want to try some of that home made deodorant that you talk about!

  125. Roni Provitola

    I would LOVE to learn how to make lotions and lip balm. I am new to this and have recently started making my own cleaning products and am now very interested in making face cleansers, face lotion and body lotion for my family.

  126. Andrea

    I’d love to learn how to make natural cheek rouge (the kind that makes you look like you’re sunkissed or blushing!

  127. MommaMary

    I would love to find the recipe for a really good foot scrub. One that softens and scrubs.

  128. Lia

    I just learned how to make lotion, now I’d like to learn how to make body butter or “whipped shea”!

  129. I actually found your blog searching for a homemade lotion recipe— I was tired of buying expensive products with manufactured ingredients, and have loved your blog and your lotion ever since! I would like to learn how to make a great lip balm next… having more product from Mountain Rose Herbs would certainly help! Mahalo!

  130. I found your blog while looking up how to make a creamy lotion. I have made the lotion bars (using Mountain Rose products!) but I am not totally satisfied with them. I want something creamy like what you describe. If I don’t win, I am still going to make your recipe, but I will need to get the Emulsifying ingredient. Can’t wait to try it!

  131. Laurie

    I’ve been a customer of Mountain Rose Herbs for years and love not only their products and continued focus on “green” and excellent service, but when you call and are on hold, a gorgeous British woman’s voice delivers the message…making the wait so easy!

  132. I would love to learn how to make homemade hand lotion

  133. Lisa

    The homemade cosmetic I’d be most interested in learning to make is a facial moisturizer that’s good for dry skin and doesn’t clog pores. I battle with rosacea, so something that’s good for sensitive skin will work, too!

    By the way, I love your site.

  134. I would love to learn to make, thick creamy face cream….yummy

  135. Hope

    definitely body butter! I would also like to learn more about homemade toothpaste, I just don’t feel I know enough about how safe the ingredients are for your (my) teeth. Right now I’m using an all natural toothpaste, but I LOVE my homemade products!

  136. Elizabeth Victory

    How exciting! I have never made anything homemade, as far as cosmetics go… but I have been looking into trying out some lotions.

  137. I would love to learn how to make lip balm because I use it all the time! I’ve also made soap once and would like to learn how it make it better.

  138. Lacey

    I have made a few of your products. I liked the lotiion and the deodorant was ok. I think soap would be really fun to make or body butter. I would also like a deodorant that works a bit better. I have since moved to Texas and in the heat down here I have to use the store bought stuff to keep from stinking all day.

  139. Sophia

    I have made my own shampoo, but would love to try this lotion recipe. Thanks for the recipe!

  140. Courtney

    Great giveaway! I would love to learn to make facial moisturizer. 🙂

  141. I love all the recipes and tutorials you have here! I would absolutely love to make the homemade deodorant and the beeswax lotion.

  142. Tori

    I would make a heavy duty lotion for my legs, and maybe shaving cream? I have not found a shaving cream I like – so I’ll make it!

  143. lisa halloran

    I’d love to see what a homemade shampoo would be like!

  144. Sherry

    Love the lotion recipes. Trying to find the right ingredients to keep skin smooth and red SSS down too.

  145. Breanna

    I’ve already been working on making my own deoderant and lotion is the next body item on my list!

  146. Sharon Yeary

    Super! My next project is lip balm but I would also like to try the lotion with the EW. I’ve tried a few other emulsifiers with mixed results so far. Go Ducks! 😉

  147. Nancy

    Happy 4th Anniversary! I would love to make your lotion and lip balm or even deodorant.

  148. So excited about this giveaway! I would like to learn how to make my own chapstick. Since moving to Oregon, my lips have become more chapped than they’ve ever been, and I would love to make a natural, smooth, moisturizing balm for myself. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  149. Marilyn Leonard

    I have promised myself that I would learn how to make hand lotion. Would soooo love to win this prize. I would also like to make lip balm.

  150. Diana Novellano

    I love the sound of your favorite lotion! I love lavender.

  151. I had a friend that made your hand lotion and I loved it!!! I would love to have some wonderful face lotion / cream. I have dry skin and think a homemade lotion would be perfect!

  152. i have a desire to start an etsy shop with homemade bath salts, body moisturizers, oils, etc. i fully appreciate keeping things simple and pure and would love to learn some fail-proof and indulgent body care recipes.

  153. I would love to learn to make a face moisturizer and face cleanser. I have such sensitive skin…and am gluten free. =) This is an awesome contest!

  154. Heather

    I would also love to find a really great deodorant formula…I made a very nice sea buckthorn lotion last year, it was a hit!

  155. Brenda

    I am really interested in learning how to make a lot of the products you make. I would love, love to learn how to make this hand lotion. Can you share the recipe?

  156. I would love to learn how to make shampoo bar soap.

  157. Dan

    Hey I love your blog! I read every new post and love the pictures. I would really like to try to make your lotion because I can’t find any good lotion in stores to help with my dry hands. Thanks for the opportunity!

  158. Kelly

    I’ve been making your deodorant, hand lotion, and beeswax lotion for a year or so now (maybe two?), but I haven’t tried the chapstick recipe yet, that is next on my list. So far I absolutely love all of the recipes that I have tried and am so happy to make them at home!

  159. Colleen Mueller

    I would love to make the lotion. I have been wanting to for a long time, except I have a three year old daughter. She keeps me on my toes.

  160. I’d love to read about soapmaking. I wanted to try it years ago, but never really got to it. Also, glad to see you’re a fan of Mountain Rose Herbs- I’ve had them bookmarked for years with the intention of buying stuff from them. Nice to know they’ve got a good reputation!

  161. I would really like to learn how to make chapstick and my lotion scented salve.
    Thanks you!

  162. Barb

    I would Love to make the body butter or lotion!

  163. Debbie

    I would love to make a lotion, especially with lavender. I’d also like to make a lotion for dry heels. Thanks for the opportunity.

  164. Sara P.

    I would like to make lip balm!

  165. Gay

    I would love to learn to make the Eczema fighting lotion because my husband has a problem with very dry skin which flares up when he does his laundry while staying in hotels in Europe.

  166. Cathy Farrington

    I’m definitely interested in making some lip balm. The beeswax lotion is wonderful! What about a cream for night time? Would love to try for something along those lines.

  167. Nicole Dailey

    Your blogs are quite interesting to me. I have made the lotion and find it wonderful. A bunch of my friends, we call ourselves the “red hens”, are getting together soon to make a batch or two and also try the chapstick recipe. Happy Anniversary!

  168. Patrice

    Definitely the lotion. But it all sounds great!

  169. I’m not participating in the giveaway, but I’d like to say that it would be amazing to learn how to make a homemade hair conditioner. I have tried mixing olive oil and coconut oil, applying it on my hair and letting it do its magic for 2-3 hours. While amazing for the smoothness and overall health of my hair, it is a pain in the ass to wash this mix off, taking up to 3 shampoo lathers. Do you know a more lightweight alternative?

  170. I’ve never made my own lotion before. I became interested when I picked up a bottle of a popular commercial lotion and it was so rich and thick that when I turned the bottle upside down, the lotion didn’t move. I thought to myself “this is how thick I would make my lotion if I made lotion.”

  171. Hello there! I would love to be able to make the regular lotions that are in the beautiful mason jars! I follow all your recipes and blog daily. I live in west virginia and help run a CSA on an organic farm here. It sure is beautiful here but I would love to make these lotions so because my hands get so dry and crack with the weather, as well as people I know on the farm. Thank you so much!~ love your blog-

  172. Rosie Paul

    I’m most intereted in hand and body lotion. At 65 dry skin is a continual concern.

  173. Tammy

    I was just getting ready to order the ingredients from Mountain Rose Herbs to make your lotion for the first time. It would be great to be able to win them!

  174. Ann

    I love Mountain Rose Herbs and your blog! I make cheese and soap out of goats milk,but would love to learn how to make goats milk lotion!

  175. Love your blog! Whenever I read it it makes me think of warmer places on a rainy west-coast day! Your lotion recipe got me started making cosmetics myself. Thanks.

  176. Corrinna Ortega

    I hope I win those awesome ingredients! I make lotion, but I have never try the emulsifying wax.

  177. Lori E.

    I’d love to find a way to make a natural, safe, mild eye makeup remover.

  178. I’ve marked your recipes for this lotion, the shea butter excema lotions, AND, the deodorant! Can’t wait to try them all. I think I’d also like to learn how to make natural shampoo and conditioner for those of us who aren’t brave enough to go ‘poo free, but want to reduce the chemicals.

    Great blog, I love reading!

  179. Sara

    I’ve made this lotion once before (with beeswax though, so it wasn’t as successful as it probably could have been) and I now make your beeswax lotion all the time. Love it!

    I would be interested in learning to make a homemade sunblock. I’m very pale and try to keep my skin covered as much as possible in the summer, but sometimes, I’d just like to wear a sleeveless shirt and not worry about burning.

    Thanks for a great blog!

  180. First of all, I am new to your blog and I just love it. You do a fantastic job with your photos and upbeat style of writing. Thank you!
    I am also new to making my own products using essential oils and am most interested in making my own lotion. I know there are many recipes ‘out there’ so I am excited to find one that I really like.
    I have just recently been introduced to Mountain Rose Herbs and I have to say that out of all the businesses out there, I feel the most ‘safe’ with the integrity of their products.

  181. Candice

    I’m most interested in learning how to make the eczema cream recipe you have! I get terrible eczema around my elbows and on my leg, never had it till I moved to Oregon (MRH is local for me, love them!) hoping I can find something natural that will work consistently. Sunflower oil works okay but it seems like eczema can worsen with the seasons changing sometimes.

  182. nicole

    I’m a midwife, so I tend to make variations of healing salves-perineal soothing, varicose vein astringent, newborn bottom and nursing nipple salves.

  183. Hillary R

    I’d love to make lotion for gifts!

  184. What a fabulous giveaway. Lotion is something I have never tried to make on my own and would love to know how.

  185. Evonne Vaughn

    I love this lotion! I have been making it with your recipe for a year now! I could use those ingrefients! 🙂 ! I would love to make a good facial moisturizer. Thanks!

  186. Jennifer

    Since I have my wonderful, silly goats I would love to learn how to make goat’s milk lotion and soap. I’ve made your lip balm, lotion, laundry soap, and gone shampooless (even convinced hubby to go “poo-less”). I just got my shipment to make deodorant and can’t wait to try it!

  187. I’m going to have to give chapstick a shot. I’ve tried out too many brands, time to see if I can trump them.

  188. Mark

    This site is great!! I would have never thought it would be possible to make your own lotion. My wife has very dry skin and has tried numerous store boughten lotions and none of them worked, until she made some lotion from your site.

  189. northwestshift

    Deodorant! It can be so hard to find good deodorant!

  190. Cassy

    Wow! I just found this blog and i am tempted to bookmark every entry!

    I am most interested in making moisturizer!

  191. Jennifer

    We love your recipe for homemade lotion at our house! I would love to try homemade deoderant next… 🙂

  192. Jamie

    Face lotion for skin that is prone to acne would be great to learn about.

  193. Ashley

    I would love to learn to make chapstick! All the store bought ones taste bad.

  194. Michelle

    Would love to learn how to make deodorant and shampoo. Thanks!

  195. Judy

    I am going to learn to make the beeswax lotion this weekend. I just got my order of stuff from Mountain Rose Herbs yesterday, with a catalogue, so I can make this lotion next.My daughter has been having allergic reactions to store bought lotions, it’s time to make them from scratch.

  196. I’d love to make deodorant. I know I shouldn’t be using the commercial stuff, but it’s a hard habit to kick.

  197. Kristy

    Hi-I am really looking forward to making your deodorant. I’m intrigued!

  198. I would be most interested in learning how to make a lotion bar. Something thick and easy for my son and myself, we both have atopic dermatitis, to pick up and rub all over like a bar of soap. We have to constantly apply lotion (homemade as well) to our skin. . we live in dry so cal. . and it has become monotonous. Changing it up a bit might just inspire us to live without humidity for a few more years! Otherwise. . up to Oregon we go!

  199. Laura

    Hi–I just found your website and LOVE it! My husband is a novice beekeeper, and I would love to learn how to make your beeswax lotion and maybe a beeswax lip balm. Thanks!

  200. Maggie Jonas

    Hi, Thanks for the awesome advice. I would love to make the lotion. I hope to eventually make everything from lipstick to foot lotion. My family is all for it. Thanks for everything.

  201. Cheri

    Within the last two months, I have become addicted to making everything myself. Mountain Rose Herb prides themselves in nautral and organic options. I have substituted almost everything that was not good for me in my cosmetics except for one thing (that now freaks me out everyday I use it, not knowing what’s in it) MASCARA! I cant leave the house without it. Your eyes are so precious and I learned three months is the maximum self life for your mascara. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to learn how to make homemade mascara.

  202. jelli

    Love your blog. Lip balms for sure, and lotions…my skin is super dry in the winter.

  203. Melissa M

    I’d love to learn hour to make soap and lotion bars. Love you blog!

  204. Danica

    I am with Jamie. That was exactly my same comment. The whole reason I got into the natural movement was because of my face. I started to read more and surf the internet about the miracle acne serum. That branched out to my hair and skin as well. I would love to make lotions and anything for my face and different ingredients that help.

  205. Katie P.

    I would love to win this! I love your site, and I’m so glad I stumbled upon it a year ago.

  206. Alicia

    I would love to learn to make different types of lotions- for example using calendula petals for more sensitive skin, or an exfoliating bar.

  207. I have made several products at home, but would love to try your lotion for the upcoming summer.

  208. I’d love to learn to make this lotion! I already have a wonderful whipped butter recipe that I make, but a lotion like this would be nice too.

  209. Gaby R.

    Love your products, they are amazing ❤ ! I missed the information on how to enter for the contest. Would have loved to try but I missed out this year :(. I love your lip balm, though, and your lotion is bliss.

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