Canning Lids Download

Canning Lids
As promised, I’ve created a little goodie for you home canners. After years of canning, we have been very lazy about labeling our jars. Sometimes we write a quick Sharpie note on the lids or maybe a short length of masking tape with a ball point pen scribble. But usually they go label-less and we have to guess what we worked so hard to create over the summer.

This summer, however, things are going to be different. I design for a living, for crying out loud, why haven’t I gotten it together to create our own labels? Who knows why it took me this long, but last Thursday was the inspiration. Seeing all of those beautiful label-less jars of nectarines was the final straw. We put so much effort into growing the fruit, then picking it, slicing and canning it and we give them away as gifts so often, it’s a shame to not put a final little touch on it. The perfect gift giving touch. The touch that will make you smile when you go to open it.
Canning Lids
I created four different designs and put them all together on one sheet for you to be able to print them onto Avery Sticker Project Paper and use for your own home canning. I hope you like them and please, feel free to share.

If you are looking to put these labels on Christmas gifts, you might want to check out my new Christmas Canning Lid Labels too!

Download the pdf here and print away my friends! Make sure that when you print them in Adobe Reader, that you set your printer settings a full size. Frequently Adobe Reader will reduce the size of the file you are viewing and make them micro labels!
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82 responses to “Canning Lids Download

  1. Those are adorable! I wasn’t brave enough to tackle canning this year, but maybe next year! It would be nice when I finally decide to, to have those great lids to help me keep everything straight.

  2. Thank you Kendra..These are awesome! I LOVE the green polka dots.

  3. Wow, those are so cute! Thanks!


  4. cathairsandchocolate

    So cool! And awesome for jars that you give as gifts.

  5. MoGrrl

    That tomato is making me wish my ‘maters were ready! Good work!

  6. WEEEE!!! Thank you! Those are fab enough to finally push me over the edge and buy a color ink cartridge refill. 😉

  7. How pretty, I love them! Thanks for stopping by and telling me about them. Hope to see you in next week’s carnival!

    I’m adding a blurb to today’s roundup (contests but I put goodies at the top).

  8. The labels are terrific but the best is your photo of them on your own canned jars. Great shot. All of which makes me want to can more. Thank you.

  9. sinfonian2

    Cute idea! I’ll have to pass those along to my mother (the canner in the family). And thanks for the post on my wife’s blog. Who knew we share more in common than the love of gardening! Now if only I can convince my climate to mirror yours a bit more. hehe.

    Oh and maybe she’ll find the time to update her blog more now that more of my folks migrate over to hers. hehe.

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  12. MaryNSC

    WOW Thank U

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  15. these are so SO cute. an easy way to make my pantry that much cuter~ thank you!

  16. MJ

    Oh these are SO cute! I just canned some pasta sauce – well, 11 huge quart jars full- today. I was looking for some cute labels, and I sure found them here! I put them on the fronts of the jars because my lids are much bigger than the sticker. It looks great! I can’t wait to give them away to friends and family with these great labels attached. I’ll be posting pics on my blog as well.

  17. chickengranny

    just love the jar lids…mine didn’t print out large enough for the top of the jar…I do cooking and canning, not printing..probaly doing something wrong…duh me!
    They are so cute
    Thanks so much

  18. asonomagarden

    I designed these labels to fit the smaller canning lids, which is why they they seems small on the wide mouth variety. Maybe next year I’ll do a small version and a wide mouth version too. Happy canning everyone!

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  20. Thank you for these designs 🙂

  21. michelle

    i was looking for some jar labes for my brother -in-law who loves to make and can his own slasa and jalapinos. found your web site and i got to say thay are awsome. i plan to print out and put them in a box of empty cannnery jars as a christmas gift this year. that way it wont just be marked with a shaprie. i hope it’s not to girly for him 🙂 …

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  23. These are just adorable! Thank you so much. xx

  24. I found you from OPT.. and I love these! They are totally fantastic! Thanks so much!

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  26. Thank you so much. These are really precious!! 🙂

  27. How fun! Thank you! I’ll have to let my readers know about these. I was just poking around your design site (former graphic designer here) – I’ve always loved the Ravenswood logo and your Aussie version is wonderful! 🙂

  28. flowergal

    These are very cute!! I didn’t know how to make them to fit the jar lids, though. I wanted to print on cardstock and cut out so it would match the label. Any suggestions?

    • asonomagarden

      Hi Flowergal. These labels were designed to fit the smaller canning jar lids. Also, Adobe Reader tends to automatically shrink them down a bit, so when you go to print, make sure you click on the option to have them print at full size. Hope that helps.

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  30. Catty

    These are sooo cute! Thank you. Most of what is out there is so dated. My only wish is that you would do one design per page. I can strawberry and blueberry jam, tomatoes and tomato sauce, and green tomato pickle. So would have a lot of potential waste with this layout. But I love your style. Will be checking back to your site. Thanks! 🙂

  31. cass

    Thank you! Thank you! I just finished canning and was feeling like you did- all this hard work should have a cute ending. I was thinking of making my own labels…but this is so much better.

  32. Carol Parks

    I love this file. Thank you so much for sharing this file with us. I’m sure we will get a lot of use out of it. You know, it could be used for other projects too.

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  37. Hi there Kendra! I really love your canning label designs! I made a themed version by scanning in a piece of fabric, colorizing, and adding in some label text. I hope you like the adaptation, and thanks so much for the inspiration!

  38. Thank you. These are perfect!

  39. Hello! Just wanted to let you know that we linked to this post on Apartment Therapy: The Kitchn. Thanks!

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  41. Thans for these labels…they´re so sweet and will be pinned on my marmelade-glasses

  42. Thank you so much, they are so cute!

  43. Hello! We’d like to feature these great labels on our blog… I can’t seem to find contact info. Could you please email me for details? Thank you so much!

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  45. sandy

    Adorable!! What type of sheets do you print these on? Looking at Avery and cant find sheets that are just adhesive with no specific amount of labels on them? Any suggestions???? Thanks for sharing!!

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  47. Thank you for these labels!! Very nice! a very good idea!!

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  50. very cute and what a wonderful idea.


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  54. hi friend. thanks for sharing the labels. I used it on my jelly jars and it’s so cute! kisses from Brasil

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  58. I thank you great big bunches for these cute lables! I am now ready for next years apples, plums and miscellaneous garden yummies!

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  61. Gemma

    I love your blog. I’m from Spain and I wanted to download the pdf of these labels. However there’s something strange and my computer doesn’t let me do so. Can you please send the pdf to my email address. Thanks a lot and congratulations for your blog.

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  63. Susan

    Yesterday I canned 9 pints of green beans and the green with white dots labels are just right. thank you for the cute lables. I love your website!

  64. What a swell idea! Thanks so much!

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  66. Gayle Sisson

    Thanks for the labels, I was hoping to find some on the web and you came through with flying colors!!

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