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Canning Lids Download

Canning Lids
As promised, I’ve created a little goodie for you home canners. After years of canning, we have been very lazy about labeling our jars. Sometimes we write a quick Sharpie note on the lids or maybe a short length of masking tape with a ball point pen scribble. But usually they go label-less and we have to guess what we worked so hard to create over the summer.

This summer, however, things are going to be different. I design for a living, for crying out loud, why haven’t I gotten it together to create our own labels? Who knows why it took me this long, but last Thursday was the inspiration. Seeing all of those beautiful label-less jars of nectarines was the final straw. We put so much effort into growing the fruit, then picking it, slicing and canning it and we give them away as gifts so often, it’s a shame to not put a final little touch on it. The perfect gift giving touch. The touch that will make you smile when you go to open it.
Canning Lids
I created four different designs and put them all together on one sheet for you to be able to print them onto Avery Sticker Project Paper and use for your own home canning. I hope you like them and please, feel free to share.

If you are looking to put these labels on Christmas gifts, you might want to check out my new Christmas Canning Lid Labels too!

Download the pdf here and print away my friends! Make sure that when you print them in Adobe Reader, that you set your printer settings a full size. Frequently Adobe Reader will reduce the size of the file you are viewing and make them micro labels!
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