Easter Roses

Most of the year when I go outside and see the assortment of 50+ rose bushes on our property, I think to myself, you know, I’m really not much of a rose person. I’m not sure what qualities make someone a ‘rose person’, but whatever they may be, I’ve always thought I lacked them. I’m too much of a lackadaisical gardener. I like things to grow independently and free. Roses, they have a fussy attitude. There’s a lot of persnickity pruning. And they drink a lot of water. So most of the year I wonder about the idea of taking many of them out.
But then spring rolls around and magically I have no other option but to fall madly in love with them.
We celebrated our Easter a day early this year. I indulged and bought a full flat of strawberries at the strawberry stand. I made strawberry shortcake and sent guest home with extra baskets. Scott made a delicious herb inspired dinner. There were games of horseshoes, cousins catching tadpoles, bubbles to blow and candy filled Easter eggs to find. And of course, there were roses. Lots and lots of roses.

Happy Easter!


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11 responses to “Easter Roses

  1. Jody

    I, too, am not a rose person. And, I, too, cannot help but fall in love with them. Unlike you, sadly, my roses LOOK like they belong to a non-rose person. Yours are absolutely gorgeous! Your flower arrangements look professional, and your photos as well. Are you a renaissance woman? YES, you are.

  2. Lisa

    Happy Easter to you too! What a lovely bunch of pictures. We are so far behind here it is enough to make a gardener despair. We had snow here on Tuesday. But soon. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures Kendra.

  3. Joy

    I love the contrast of the roses with the mint or lemon balm. The elegance of the roses shines with the simplicity of the background foliage. I am envious of your roses. I am a rose lover as well as herb lover so your arrangement is true perfection to me.

  4. Julie

    We were given a ‘hearty’ rose bush by my husband’s aunts and uncles, 4 years ago when my MIL passed away…I wondered why they thought that I would like a rose bush, of all things. (Secretly I suspected they didn’t like me and wanted to make more work for me!LOL!) It bloomed for a few years and we did our best, but it is the end of April (granted we are in the Chicagoland area, so it’s been a harsh winter) and it has NO sign of life….I’m glad that you had blooms for Easter….we had daffodils outside and that was about it. :>)

  5. Jennifer

    Now, if I would have know about this luscious dinner with fresh flowers I would have booked a plane and been standing on your doorstep today ;D

  6. Your roses are so beautiful- lucky you for being a non-rose person with stunning roses! 🙂

  7. The mint and rose bouquets are spectacular. I’d try that at home but I am the one person in the world who can’t grow mint! Happy spring, Kendra!

  8. Lovely bouquets! I’m so jealous, in Northeastern Pennsylvania it will be at least 6 weeks before I see a rose! Your photos are beautiful! So inspiring! Thank you!

  9. Lovely series of photos!

  10. What beautiful flowers! I can’t wait until our flowers are up in the garden. We just got rid of our snow, so it will be a while. But there’s hope! 🙂 So glad you stopped in at Cranberry Morning and enjoyed the maple syruping post. 🙂

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